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About the collaboration


The collaboration between Paradoxe Paris and Isaac Sellam is a celebration of French savoir-faire at its finest. Harnessing the collective expertise of these two renowned brands, the capsule collection seamlessly melds Paradoxe's denim craftsmanship with Isaac Sellam's leather mastery, resulting in a collection of truly unique and exceptional pieces.

Created through the amalgamation of innovative techniques, exploration of fabric and organic silhouettes, this collection merges the distinct aesthetics of Paradoxe and Isaac Sellam into a harmonious, unified look. At its heart lies a shared passion for research, experimentation, and the art of creation — values deeply ingrained in the ethos of both brands.


The "Plissé", one of Paradoxe's most emblematic techniques, has undergone a captivating transformation in this thrilling collaboration with Isaac Sellam. As one of the earliest methods employed by the brand, its latest reinterpretation stands as a timeless hallmark of craftsmanship. This technique, entailing a pleating system applied to denim fabric, has been skillfully reworked through the application of Paradoxe's unique mastery.

Despite its efficient simplicity, the "Plissé" technique holds a special place in the hearts of the Paradoxe team. Its unique characteristic lies in the fact that it cannot be identically replicated on two different pieces, rendering each creation one-of-a-kind. In essence, the "Plissé" technique embodies the brand's core philosophy, which is to offer exceptional artisanal pieces of the highest quality, unparalleled and unmatched anywhere else.


The other technique employed in this exciting collaboration requires a higher level of craftsmanship, harnessing the full extent of Isaac Sellam's leather mastery. In this instance, cotton and denim come together in their row singularity, forming a striking amalgamation of two different shades of black. Paradoxe's exceptional mastery manifests in the meticulous attention to detail, with every seam flawlessly straight and avoiding any intersection. On the other hand, Isaac Sellam's expertise in leather extends to the finishing touches and hems of the pieces, transforming them into breathtaking statements of artistry.

The primary objective of the collection is to push the boundaries of both brutalism and craftsmanship, leading to unexpected, inimitable results. What emerges from this collaboration are singular pieces of clothing that truly capture the essence of these two Parisian brands, as well as their exceptional savoir-faire.


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