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History of Paradoxe Paris


The story of Paradoxe Paris began in the year 2017, when the founders, Jeremy Sebaoun and Elie Saada, rekindled their shared and unwavering passion for craftsmanship. This marked the genesis of a brand that would ultimately redefine the very essence of artisanal excellence.

Paradoxe Paris is a manifestation of a distinctive and subversive identity. Drawing upon the founders' unique vision, the brand embodies an amalgamation of diverse inspirations and inovative techniques, setting itself apart from the mainstream. Each handmade piece undergoes a meticulous transformation within the hallowed confines of our Parisian workshop, where precision cuts and captivating volumes come to life with every stitch and fold. Here, the alchemy of artisanal mastery elevates our creations to a level of unmatched distinction.

Firmly believing that the cornerstone of an exceptional piece lies in the selection of materials, we fastidiously handpick only the most exquisite fabrics, with a preference for high-quality textiles such as buffalo leather, 100% cotton denim and luxurious velvet, ensuring that each creation is a testament to fine craftsmanship.


At Paradoxe Paris, we delve deep into the subtleties of fabrics, understanding their intrinsic nature and unlocking their hidden potential. It is our intimate knowledge of denim and leather that allows us to transform them in unprecedented ways.

Craftsmanship at Paradoxe Paris is a deliberate and unhurried process, refined over days, and painstakingly perfected. Each cut, structure and silhouette is meticulously honed as we strive to create pieces that defy conventions.


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